Wednesday, 28 January 2009

visual minutes pooh sticks

On friday the 23rd of Jan holly and I hired a car and set off. After a journey full of reggae and one wrong turn we wound our way to Tim's house near Llandovery. It was great to see all of the faces that turned up, as we are rarely all in the same place at the same time.

We drank drinks, ate food, went on walks, designed democratic benches, animated a swede, inspected the stream, found a fox skeleton, skimmed stones, played pooh sticks, explored the hollow trunk of a giant tree, took turns on the swing, played backgammon with the wrong rules, table tennised, firestarted, marvelled at green electricity, photographed each other in a million different lights, had erratic outbursts, planned plans, laughed at jokes, played intruments badly and well, levitated a stick and spoke about the year ahead around the kitchen table.

When sunday night came around, we left again feeling that everything was probably fine.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Over the wall

Photo by: Anders Knutson Medhus

kick start

Well, this year has started like a flying pig out of a circus cannon. Despite inertia, the powerful winter urge to hibernate and to eat things with lots of raisins in, I miraculously found myself in Norway on top of a snowy mountain participating once again in the performance project known as FLUKT.
From behind the 12 foot high compact snow wall over which we entered the space, i could hear the compare introduce us as Flukt, the European Techno performance group and as the sound of 200 or so people clapping in gloves thumped its way over reminding me of a carpet clad fish, flapping inside a bass drum, I could see the faces of my fellow flukters freeze into strange grimmaces at the word 'Techno' being applied so liberally to us.
Never the less we swarmed up the ladder on two successive eveings at the Geilo ice Festival
entertaining a cohort of swaddled festivalgoers as the first full moon of the year stared down at us.
I'm looking forward to our next performance in a school in february.